Doctor Strange Movie Review


“The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic universe, Doctor Strange, has one of the highest percentage ratings in the MCU on Rotten Tomatoes as it hits home with a 90%. First off ¬†Cumberbatch was awesome as Doctor Strange, and his acting compliments the visuals as well. But that doesn’t help with the usual superhero movie plot as it has been used before. Even though it has a usual superhero plot it was still entertaining and very good so I give it an 8/10” – Mason Burton

“The newest release in the marvel cinematic universe, Dr. Strange has been rated with a high 90%. It has been well received by critics for it’s fantastic visuals, awesome acting, and good plot. Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Dr. Strange and plays the part with enthusiasm which only makes him better. While some say it lacked luster in the plot, most reviews have been high and praising. The villain Kaecilius will throw you for a curve as you wonder if he was truly the main enemy of the film.” – Brendon Anderson