Laughter is the Best Medicine


After recent conversations about laughter – the good, the bad and the annoying – I decided to prove once and for all that laughing is actually quite good for your health. Of course this does not mean it’s okay to laugh at/in certain unfortunate scenarios, but it does mean that people should never feel ashamed of their sense of humor!

Laughing often increases one’s pulse, blood pressure and breathing rates, all which send extra oxygen to our tissues. It is also said to reduce stress levels. This means the next time you’re cramming for a super hard test, all you need to do is find funny stuff on the internet and stop studying!! Just kidding…. You should still study. Sorry.

It is said that laughing may provide some of the same benefits as exercise. Some believe a good laugh compares to a mild workout. Another positive is laughing can literally burn calories! Researchers say a continuous laugh session that lasts about 15 minutes can burn up to 50 calories! Wow, looks like no one needs to exercise anymore.

Finally, laughing can brighten almost anybody’s mood. A genuine smile could turn any bad day into a better one, so if you laugh all the time your days will generally be pretty good! Also, the positive attitudes that come with laughing can help you gain more confidence; which in the long run will make you a more successful person.

Yep, looks like I’m not about to stop laughing anytime soon.