Prom is Coming!


Prom: a formal dance, especially one held by a high school or college class at the end of an academic year.

It’s funny how the definition of something tells you what it is, yet does not fully include and explain every aspect of it. Prom is about dancing, dresses, tuxes, decorations, color coordination, coronation, promposals and having just an awesome time together! When prom time comes around, upperclassmen and others who are invited to prom start to stir with excitement as the date of the event comes closer. Even the kids who say the whole ordeal is silly and say they’re just going because they don’t have anything else to do are excited!

The reason why? Prom is a time where everybody is with each other having fun! Who wouldn’t like that? Besides a chance to spend time with everybody, everyone is wondering what the junior class has up their sleeves while putting together this event. What will grand march or the prom location look like? What will everybody and their date’s formal wear look like? Then there’s the matter of prom queen and king. What lucky pair will have the honor of being crowned that night? All of these questions keep adding up and nothing will be revealed until prom night. It seems that all we have to hang on to are the infamous promposals. So far this year, it seems that food is the most popular choice when asking someone to prom, though there are the modest in-person/in-text promposals, as well. Whichever way you ask someone to prom, you’re still asking that person. You don’t even need a date! If you’re more comfortable with it, go with a group of friends. Prom is about having fun! Girls, have you thought about dresses yet? What color? What style? Where are you planning to shop? What about you guys? Have you thought about ties lately? Prom is coming to Salt Fork High School on April 30th, and some might say that it’s not soon enough.

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