Student of the Month


Jenna Weller was chosen as this month’s Student of the Month. Jenna serves as a positive role model not only inside the classroom but outside as well. She was chosen by teachers because she is extremely respectful and very organized. They noticed she not only plays traveling volleyball, but also still comes to games to support other Salt Fork extracurricular activities. Jenna was recognized for being an engaged leader who consistently participates in class. She is also noted for balancing her academics with preparation of continuing her volleyball career in college. Jenna is an outstanding student and deserves the honor of the first recipient of the Bolt Newsletter Student of the Month.

We asked Jenna the following questions,

BOLT: What are your plans after high school?
Jenna: “I am going to play volleyball at Lincoln College next fall. After that I plan to transfer to a university and get my degree in physical therapy.”

BOLT: What is your favorite subject, and why?
Jenna: “Anatomy. I have always enjoyed studying anatomy and about the body”

BOLT: Favorite Food?
Jenna: “Cheese Ravioli”

BOLT: Favorite school lunch?
Jenna: “Bosco Sticks”

BOLT: Who is your role model, and why?
Jenna: “Lauren Carlini, in her freshman year of college she was ranked the number one volleyball setter in the nation”

BOLT: Who is your all time favorite teacher, and why did they leave and impact on you?
Jenna: “Mrs. Simmons, she was my junior high science teacher and she introduced me to anatomy.”

BOLT: Mechanical pencil or wood?
Jenna: “Mechanical”

BOLT: Favorite thing to do outside of school?
Jenna: “Play sports and watch Netflix”